Hotel wifi wireless coverage solution

With the proliferation of smart terminal devices, wireless networks have become an important factor influencing guests' choice of hotels. The growing number of modern hotels strives to create fast, secure and secure wireless networks to enhance the guest experience. From the hotel's own operation and management perspective, the hotel needs wireless network to complete the hotel's various types of service wireless, efficient hotel operation and maintenance and intranet security.
IP-COM hotel wireless solution integrated indoor concealment, indoor high-band machine, outdoor concealed integrated wireless solutions to assist the hotel to complete units, rooms, restaurants, large conferences, reception hall, outdoor leisure areas without blindfold. IP-COM has a self-supporting anti-disturbance skills, so that the security of the wireless network is optimal and enhances the wireless Internet experience of the guests.
IP-COM wireless solutions have a lot of anti-jamming skills, including anti-jamming function optimization, RF signal adaptive adjustment, electromagnetic signal interference suppression and avoidance, air time intelligent adjustment, intelligent beamforming (Beamforming) Packet filtering, intelligent spectrum analysis, etc., all ensure the stability of the wireless network and the user's online experience from the underlying Wi-Fi protocol.
IP-COM provides indoor in-wall guest room concealment solutions. In-wall APs can be completed with the hotel's original network panel to cover the room with no dead ends, and are perfectly compatible with the environment to prevent changes to the hotel's decorative personality and walls.
IP-COM has indoor high-density belt machine solutions, based on the AC and AP density layout, to ensure the opening of large-scale meeting rooms, restaurants, bars with more than 500 employees to support the hotel's large-scale conference business entertainment.





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