Residential area comprehensive security monitoring solutions

Background and challenge
With the rapid development of China’s national economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for residential environments are also increasing. Residential communities and their intelligent construction have begun to advance toward an era of “quality”. However, the urbanization process has promoted the emergence of ever-increasing large-scale residential areas and high-end residential areas, and the flow of people and traffic has become more and more visible. The accumulation and frequent flow of people, money, and goods are the distinctive features of the modern community, and the resulting problems have become increasingly prominent, such as illegal aggression, the pursuit of vengeance, vehicle scraping, alien harassment, and the disappearance of elderly children. .
The sub-system covered by the community security preparedness system is continuously increasing, including but not limited to video surveillance system, aggression alarm system, vehicle management system, video intercom system, etc. For a long time, the skills and security infrastructure has been divided into various sub-systems, each of which Manufacturers' single-product product plans have made it difficult to connect with other systems in the later period, and have encountered bottlenecks in the connection of resources and transactions. How to combine multiple weak current sub-systems with the same intent, unified management, and construction of an intelligent residential area that is comfortable and safe for residential use, and that is suitable for efficient and fast processing of personnel. It is a real estate investor and property management personnel. And topics that are increasingly valued by community users.
       According to the whole series of security preparedness products, through the completion and use of various security skills such as system contact, intelligent analysis and transaction linkage, the use of iVMS-8700 as the core to integrate the security subsystems of many residential communities and complete the assembly of the system , Using intelligent methods together to provide automatic precautionary measures for multi-cell scenes, optimizing processing power, reducing work intensity, and improving alertness response speed, etc., and completing intelligent linkage between emergency response and emergencies for emergencies. . In connection with the business management concept of the modern residential property, it is possible to provide property value-added services for residential quarters in the later stages, and to further improve the quality of life in residential communities, and provide an optimized induction and solution solution for the intelligent community.
The solution is based on the intelligent building integrated management platform. The front end can be connected to many subsystems such as video surveillance equipment, intrusion alarm equipment, vehicle management equipment, video intercom equipment and elevator control equipment (according to the scale and planning of the community project. Access to other system equipment such as access control, consumption, attendance, and visitors can be expanded to enable card applications. The back-end stores data through a unified database.
The system supports RS485, TCP/IP and other communication methods to access the project to meet the project selection requirements. It provides a variety of standard interfaces downwards, opens up the docking protocol, and realizes resource sharing and information exchange under the unified coordination of the integrated management platform. Unified system configuration, unified monitoring, so as to achieve the management of convenience, data visualization and business integration purposes.





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